Manpower Resources From Pakistan

Manpower Resources From Pakistan

BUSINESS LINKS MANPOWER Overseas Employment Promoter is a complete manpower solution provider. Our services start from the time of signing the contract with our client, and continue till we are achieve the desired level of satisfaction.0ur services include head hunting, pre testing, mobilizing, and development of the manpower.

Resume Search - Resources.

  1. Data Bank
  2. Branch offices in various cities of Pakistan.
  3. Advertisement in most common daily newspapers.
  4. District employment and manpower offices.
  5. Specialized agencies in pakistan.
  6. Workers welfare organizations.
  7. Industrial and technical training centers.
  8. Vocational Training centers .
  9. Skills development institutions.
  10. Head Hunting /network of agents in countrywide
  11. Social Media network

Head Hunting

Head hunting starts the moment we receive complete job profile from our client. Our head hunters first go through our data bank, and after completely studying the data, they shortlist the desired candidate which is future reviewed by our technical team before the candidate is summoned for a personal interview. Personal interview is preceded by a short written test and if the candidate qualified it, then he is interviewed by our technical team.

Pakistan , by virtue of its large area and population, is the ideal place for hunting technical and semi-technical categories.

One very important aspect of head-hunting is convincing the prospective candidate about the work culture and salary structure of the company and fringe benefits or incentives by the company. This is not only helps us in getting the right talent but also helps in building our client’s image alongside ours.

The other practice, which is age-old, is to place advertisement in leading newspapers, giving the exact details of the job. But it is not necessary that the right man may have the paper and hence there is every possibility of losing the right candidate.

Head hunting undoubtedly is the most important service of recruiting agent, but there are other numerous services associated with head hunting that must be fulfilled before the final development of Manpower.